Carbon Fibre Electric Acoustic Guitar

State-of-the-art construction, innovative features and an incomparable playing feel

Order-No.: CGACF2-BK

The Cascha Carbon Fiber electric acoustic guitar redefines the standards for acoustic guitars. Its body, fingerboard and bridge are made from a single, acoustically optimized carbon fiber structure that provides exceptional resonance and durability. Guitars made of carbon have a different sound characteristic than conventional wooden instruments and produce a crystal clear, focused sound with excellent projection. Added to this is the integrated Smart technology, which opens up completely new dimensions in sound design.
With a scale length of 582 mm and 20 medium frets with rounded fret ends, the Cabon Fibre Smart Guitar offers a comfortable playing feel and precise intonation. Thanks to the zero fret, open strings and fretted strings sound evenly, which improves the playing feel and optimizes intonation. The rounded body with cutaway, the curved back and the curved fingerboard provide additional playing comfort. The guitar features custom-made steel tuners for stable tuning and a matte black finish for a modern yet elegant look. Its compact size and low weight of just under three kilograms make it extremely handy and suitable for traveling.

The main attraction of the electric carbon fiber acoustic guitar, is the integrated technology: on the one hand, it has a pickup and can be connected to external amplifiers, audio interfaces or PA systems via the 6.3 mm jack socket. Secondly, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, it can be quickly connected to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In combination with the free ENYA Music app for iOS and Android, the guitar's functionality can be expanded to include additional sound design options.
However, the sound output via the jack socket can also be changed without using the app: an intuitive control on the frame can be used not only to switch between four presets ("Acoustic", "Reverb", "Echo" and "Fusion"), but also to adjust the volume of the selected effect. The ENYA app also allows you to create additional presets and adapt them to your own sound preferences. Thanks to its powerful battery, the Cascha Carbon Fibre Smart Guitar offers an impressive battery life of up to 10 hours in Acoustic Plus mode and even up to 20 hours in pickup-only mode. The integrated USB-C port not only serves as a charging socket, but also as an interface for future firmware updates.
The Cascha Carbon Fibre Smart Guitar comes with high-quality branded strings from D'Addario and an extensive accessory package. The package includes a carrying bag for safe transportation, a 6.3 mm jack cable, a USB-C charging cable, a guitar strap, spare strings, a cleaning cloth, a truss rod wrench for adjusting the truss rod and detailed instructions for a smooth start.

A fascinating alternative to traditional materials
The use of carbon in instrument making has increased significantly in recent years, as this high-tech material offers a whole range of advantages: Carbon fibers are extremely light and make the instrument easier to handle and transport. They are also known for their high rigidity and strength, allowing for a thinner construction, which in turn provides more resonance and sustain. Unlike wood, carbon is insensitive to changes in humidity, temperature and other environmental influences. This makes these instruments particularly durable and stable, as they are less susceptible to cracking, deformation or distortion.
The Cascha Carbon Fibre electric acoustic guitar is the perfect choice for guitarists who are looking for an innovative instrument with an exceptional sound and a wide range of functions.
  • Manufacturer: Cascha
  • Order-No.: CGACF2-BK
  • Release Date: 30.04.2024
  • UVP: 369.90 EUR
  • Body: Carbon Fibre
  • Neck: Carbon Fibre
  • Finish: Black matt
  • Fingerboard: Carbon Fibre
  • Bridge: Carbon Fibre
  • Saddle: Ox Bone
  • Nut: Carbon Fibre
  • Nut width: 42 mm
  • Scale: 582 mm
  • Strings: D’Addario EXP 16 strings (12-53 coated phosphor bronze light)
  • Incl. soft case with 5 mm padding
  • Incl. guitar strap
  • Incl. spare strings
  • Incl. 6,3 mm jack cable
  • Incl. USB-C charging cable
  • Incl. cleaning cloth
  • Incl. truss rod key
  • Incl. 3 picks